Galaxy S5 Launched In Australia Pricing and Pre-Order

With the incoming launch of the Samsung Galaxy S5 just around the corner, multiple carriers announce their pricing and availability for the well-awaited device. In this respect, it was Australia’s turn to reveal the release date and the pricing for the next Samsung flagship.

Therefore, as carriers have confirmed, Galaxy S5 will be available for $929.00 outright and it will be available for pre-order starting with March 27. The pre-order should be filled in at the Samsung Experience Stores in Melbourne and Sydney. The handset will officially go on sales in Australia starting with the well-know April 11th.

Next, I will give information regarding the release date, pre-orders and pricing for three of the Australia’s major carriers, Telstra, Optus, and Vodafone. Another important carrier, the Virgin Mobile, will also be offering the incoming handset, but the carrier has not yet provided plans and pricing. This information will definitely help you in case you decide to purchase the device from one of these three carriers.


In the case of Vodafone, things are very clear since the carrier has provided a full list of prices and plans for the Galaxy S5. The carrier is offering Samsung’s flagship across both of its 12-month and 24-month plans and at a number of price points. Let me just give you a couple of examples.

For instance, with a $60 12-month plan, the handset will cost only $44 outright per month and the customer will end up paying a total of $1,248 at the end of the year. This is quite attractive especially since along with this plan, customers will get 3GB data to use on their brand new Smartphone.

In the same time, on a 24-month plan, customers will end up paying $30 per month for the plan, $28 for the handset and they will end up paying an amount of $1,392.00 at the end of the period. However, for this plan, you will receive only 0.30GB of internet. As you can see, a longer plan will allow you to spend less money on a monthly basis.


Again, as in the case of Vodafone, the carrier will make the S5 available for sale starting with Friday, 11 April through their brick-and-mortar and online stores. In the same time, customers who cannot wait until then, can place a pre-order starting with March 27 on the online platform of the carrier.

Now, in terms of pricing and plans, Telstra is offering only a 24-month plan for Samsung’s handset. In this case, customers will have to pay $70 per month for the plan, and another monthly $12 for the handset. At the end of the plan, they will end up paying $1,968 for the handset, but they will also receive 1.5 GB included data.


The last carrier that has announced its pricing is Optus. Optus plans are quite different compared to Vodafone and Telstra, but they are quite simple when you think about it. Again, as in the case of Telstra, Optus is offering only a 24-month plan for the Galaxy S5.

For instance, the smallest plan is named the $35 plan. In this case, users will pay $35 per month for the plan, while the handset will cost them $26 monthly. Within this plan, they will receive 200 minutes and 0.2 GB of data. At the end of the plan, users will pay a total of $1.464 for the handset.

As you can see, the offering is quite different and the advantages are different, as well. It is up to you to decide which offer is more suitable for your needs and for your own pocket. After all, the main reason why most people choose to purchase a phone through a carrier is to pay less for it.

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