YouTube Autoplay on Home on your Android device

YouTube has just announced the wide release of a feature coming from its YouTube Premium apps. I am talking about Autoplay on Home which is a new default for YouTube’s Android. Autoplay on Home is not necessary a new thing. YouTube Premium subscribers have enjoyed this feature since 2017, but not the rest of us. So, it depends on how you actually see things.

There is something that you should know from the start. You might not see this right away though, as Google confirmed that this feature will be rolling out over the coming weeks. And like it or not, Autoplay on Home may vary in availability from region to region and handset to handset.

How does it work?

Well, the YouTube app will start playing videos, or at least clips of them, the moment they come into view when you scroll through your app’s home page. I know what you might be thinking of, but don’t worry. This time it won’t be as disturbing as autoplaying ads or Facebook videos. Autoplay on Home plays the video in complete silence with captions turned on. And they will also have captions so you can get an even better idea what the video is all about.

That said, users on and Android can expect to see those static thumbnails come to life as they scroll down their tailored YouTube feed. YouTube claims this will help viewers make a “more informed decision about whether you want to watch a video, leading to longer engagement with videos you choose to watch.”

Is it here for good?

While YouTube Premium users have apparently loved the Autoplay on Home implementation they’ve had for the past six months, you never know what may happen. You should at least be willing to give it a try.

If you don’t like it, Google will allow the option to disable it, or at least to keep it on when connected to Wi-Fi. The idea is that the company appears convinced that Autoplay on Home is a better way to experience YouTube on the move. And I hope we’ll see it this way too.

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