Samsung Updates ChatON Messaging Client

For those of you who use Samsung’s ChatON messaging client, here is some good news. The service has been updated today with a handful of significant new features and options. The 3.5 ChatON version brings a couple of improvements, which are meant to smooth the user’s experience.

The service brings the ability to recall messages you already send, avoiding potential embarrassment. Now, before you send a message, you will have the possibility to recall all messages send to the respective user in order to avoid repeating yourself.

In the same time, the feature works in 1-on-1 chats and can be used even if the message’s recipient has already read the respective text message. You now have the possibility to remove sent messages, especially those messages sent in a hurry or in a bad moment. As some of you might be familiar with, this feature is pretty similar to the Snapchat functionality.

Group Chats are able to support up to 1,001 people, compared to the 200 limit from the previous version. In the same time, you have now the possibility to share files up to 1 GB. As you can see, this means a significant improvement since you are able to send an instant message to all you friends and share all those great photos from your last vacation.

It is worth mentioning the fact that the change log reveals the fact that this is available only in some countries. In the same time, you will be limited to using this feature no more than five times a day.

Along with the Snapchat-like option, the application has been updated in order to include real-time location tracking through the Glympse app. This will allow your friends to follow you where you are for a set period of time.

In the same time, Samsung has decided to add translation features to the ChatON 3.5 for Arabic, Turkish, and Farsi as well as for Hindi. This will bring the number of supported languages up to 14.

In case you are interested in getting the ChatON 3.5 version of Samsung’s messaging client right on your device, feel free to visit Google Play, as well as Samsung’s own app store. In both cases, ChatON 3.5 is free of charge.

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