Fix Google Pixel 2 XL Display Issues

Google entered in the alert for the various display issues affecting the Pixel 2 XL soon after the phone was launched. The truth is that Google started to release detailed notes on the matter that seem to suggest the displays are perfect, yet we know that things are far from that.

And despite the language the company tried to use in the notes and the wish to make us all feel confident, it’s still going to fix the displays.

The poor display experience seems to be related to Google’s decision to “calibrate the Pixel 2 XL for delivering natural, accurate colors.” The new color management support in Android 8.0 Oreo is far from perfect and we have the best proof for that, but there are small fixes for the Google Pixel 2 XL Display Issues that affect so many users.

Learn to Solve Google Pixel 2 XL Display Issues:

  1. Well, it seems that Google calibrated the phone’s panel with a DCI-P3 profile that is meant to show more accurate colors and there is even a special Vivid mode that can increase the saturation of the display by 10%. All these are far from enough, so Google is clear that a software update will soon be coming to the Pixel 2 XL in the form of a new “Saturated” mode. We don’t know how much of a percentage increase in vibrancy this will be, but Google says that this will make the screen look similar to that of the first-gen Pixels, so we are eager, that’s for sure;
  2. Are the device’s dull colors far from what you want? There is a new app called Oreo Colorizer that you should know about. Well, the app uses an invisible system overlay operating in a wide color gamut that forces the display to shift its color space. In such a manner, you can force use of the wide color gamut on all apps with a simple toggle. The app is not available on the Play Store but you can easily get the APK from APKMirror and don’t worry – I can assure you that it is completely safe to be taken and used. You just have to make sure you enable Unknown sources under Settings > Security;
  3. If dead pixels are making you feel crazy, my advice for you is to use a pixel fixer app such as Dead Pixel Tester and Fixit does wonders you know, so give it a try;
  4. I also know about the annoying blue tint on the display when seen from odd angles. The truth is that this comes as a problem of every Pixel 2 XL user and it is related to the hardware, so there is nothing that you can do about it.

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