Huawei Intends to Reveal New Honor X Smartphone on July 22

Do you think that Xiaomi is the only major Chinese company preparing the announcement of a new handset on July 22? Huawei has just revealed that it intends to reveal a new Honor X smartphone on the very same day, or at least this is what teaser posted by the Chinese OEM on Weibo social network is letting us to believe. Do you want more details about this upcoming Honor handset?

Honor X: Most Probably a High-end Smartphone

The banner doesn’t say much, but the rumor has it that this will be a device based on the octa-core Kirin 920 chipset produced by Huawei itself. And if we take in consideration the fact that Xiaomi’s upcoming device will be the Mi4 which is rumored as a high-end smartphone that’s seen as the successor to last year’s popular Mi3, we can only imagine that Huawei might counter Xiaomi’s announcement with its own Honor high-end handset or otherwise it could look really bad in the eyes of potential buyers.

And the company has already introduced a couple of affordable smartphones in China such as Honor 3X and Honor 3C, so we are sure that this time will target a different market.

Will Honor X Ever Leave China?

Don’t forget that Honor brand is used by Huawei only in China, so we can make one more assumption about the handset: this new Honor X smartphone will probably be available only there or at least at first there, but this doesn’t have to mean that Huawei won’t offer us an international version of it.

At this point the information about the device is pretty scarce, so let’s wait and see what happens on July 22. And don’t forget to check on us for more updates in the coming days. We won’t miss these two events for nothing in the world; you can be sure of that!

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