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How to Root Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini 0

How to Root Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini

Galaxy S5 is one of Samsung’s newest and most popular Android devices, so there is no surprise that we have also received a Galaxy S5 Mini version of it. In case of already being the owner of this device and...

How to do a Hard Reset of your Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini 0

How to Hard Reset Galaxy S5 Mini

There are various situations that put you in the position of performing a hard reset of your Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini. A hard reset, also known as a factory reset is recommended in those cases when you can’t manage to...

How to Fix Bricked LG G3 0

How to Fix Bricked / Unbrick LG G3

Playing your LG G3 might be a real joy, we already know that, especially after waiting so long to have it, but it is not always safe. If you are using tutorials that haven’t been previously tested for this new...