Google Nexus 6 to be Released Soon on Verizon

Verizon branded Google Nexus 6 is the subject of many Android rumors and of many delays, though the retail announced that the Motorola-made Nexus 6 is will be soon released. Sadly, for all of those who were waiting for the smartphone, when this “coming soon” would be, is yet a mystery.

After Nexus 6 was released in limited runs, it seemed that the device was always out of stock or sent back to the warehouse because of software bugs, and Google Play, somehow, always ships it three days later. And this let us wonder, what is happening with Nexus 6? But now it seems that the Nexus 6 is going to be available at Verizon after it was available at other carriers such as T-Mobile and AT&T, which offered great deals, although they were always delayed or out of stock.

Google admitted some time ago that the delays are issued because of the slow growth during the Q4 thus a strategy had to be established. And even if the Nexus 6 seemed to be well received by the public, there was always the problem of being out of stock, which leaded to delays and so on.

Anyway, at least for now we can wait for Verizon to make the Nexus 6 available and hope it’s not going to be “out of stock” as always.

Also, if you go at Verizon’s page, you’ll see a banner that announces the soon to come release of Nexus 6, featuring Android 5.0 Lollipop. It also has a Sign Up button for updates. So if you are interested in it, sign up to find out the latest news.

The Nexus 6 has a pricetag starting with $649, so you can expect a similar price tagged by Verizon for the unlocked version, but it will be also available on-contract or Edge pricing.