4 Easy Ways to Speed Up your Samsung Galaxy S4 (tutorial)

Galaxy S4 is Samsung’s latest flagship, so as expected everyone is talking about the same. Furthermore, third party devs are hardly working on providing complex apps, features and tools for customizing and improving the already high end performances of the S4 not to mention that several custom ROMs are being already available for its users. Anyway, that’s not all as today, you will learn which is the first step to perform when looking into tweaking your SGS4. During the following lines I will show you how to easily speed up your smartphone and also how to resolve its heating issues, so do check and test our methods.

As you know when having an Android powered handset is all about improving, updating and installing new stuffs. So, most of the users are usually beginning the tweaking process by rooting their smartphones. Then, they continue by flashing a custom recovery image (the stock recovery isn’t too useful when trying to apply complex operations) and finally a custom ROM firmware is installed. Of course there also optional, though recommended, tasks to consider in such as backup / restore, hard reset, unlock the bootloader, gain S-Off and so on.

Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4

But what most of the users aren’t aware of is that there are other ways that can be used when trying to obtain more power from an Android powered device. So, when talking about the Galaxy S4, you should fist learn how to gain more speed and how to resolve the heating issues. Well, the S4 is a high end device, equipped with high end specs and features, so we can easily say that this device is one of the most powerful handsets available nowadays on the market.

Now, even though the Galaxy S4 comes with powerful hardware components, the speed might get slowed down by the OS and by the internal processes that are constantly running on your phone. That’s why your phone might have heating problems too. Therefore, consider in speeding up your Samsung Galaxy S4 and only then decide whether to root its system or not (be aware as by rooting the warranty gets void – it can be restored only by downgrading to stock Jelly Bean OS, or by updating with an official software released by Samsung and suitable with your S4).

On the present tutorial I will show you which the best 4 ways that can be used when trying to speed up the performances of your smartphone are. These are easy tasks, but the results will be quite impressive though not all of you will appreciate the list from below. Anyway, do try the same before saying anything else.

4 Easy Ways to Speed Up your Samsung Galaxy S4 (tutorial)

Deactivate the Animation Effect related to the Unlock Screen option

When you are unlocking the Galaxy S4 (by swiping your finger on its display) an animation effect will be displayed. Well, this effect will slow down your device, in matter that the home-screen will appear with a small delay. So, you can resolve this minor issue by deactivating the beam of light effect from your S4. If you want to do so, then just follow the steps from below:

  • On your phone go to “settings”.
  • Then, tap the “My device” tab.
  • Up next, select the “Lock screen” option.
  • And select the “unlock effect” tab.
  • Finally choose “none” and you are done.

Deactivate the transition Animations effects

As you know, your Galaxy S4 is providing different and attractive effects on almost each action you perform when using your phone. Well it is recommended to deactivate / turn off at least the transition animation effect because in this way you can speed up your smartphone and you can also improve its battery life.

The transition animation is referring to the effect that is displayed when you are swiping between screens or applications. This transition usually adds some eye-catching animations effects that will slow down your handset while the battery will drain faster. So, we recommend you to turn off the transition animations; you can disable them by following:

  • On your S4 go to Settings and choose “more”.
  • From the menu that will be displayed tap (for several times) on the “Build number” option; in this way the developer mode will be enabled.
  • Now, return to developer option.
  • Go to the Windows animation scale setting.
  • Select to deactivate the animation effects.
  • Do the same process for transition animation and Animator duration.

Deactivate S Voice Home Button Shortcut

Samsung is coming with its own voice feature, which of course will come pre-installed on your Galaxy S4. But along the same we have Google Now, so it’s really hard to imagine that you will use something else instead. That’s why it will be a good idea to deactivate / turn off the S voice home button shortcut.

You see, when the S voice is activated, you can access it by double tapping on the home button icon. So, there is a delay that analyses whether you tap once or twice on the home button; in order to get rid of this delay, you need to:

  • Go and open the S voice app.
  • Hit “menu”.
  • Select “settings”.
  • Disable the S Voice feature (actually you will disable S Voice from opening with the home button).

Make a shortcut for the Galaxy S4 camera

Yes, this can be a solution for improving the speeds on your handset. Usually, it takes some time until you can actually open the camera and that can be quite annoying; you can lose a favorite moment as you just can’t be spontaneous enough.

Well you can do better, and the best is to make a camera shortcut on the lock-screen. In order to create the shortcut you need to:

  • Go to “settings”.
  • Tap on “My device”.
  • Hit “Lock screen”.
  • Select Toggle Shortcuts into the On position.
  • And finally add the camera app.

So, that was all for now. That’s how we think that you can speed up your Samsung Galaxy S4. Of course these are only few methods that can be used, but it is a start. Do tell us what you think about this topic and about our methods and share if you think that you can come with something better; you know, a feedback is always well received.

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