Enjoy Prune, a Unique Game for your Android Device

Let me be clear about the fact that Prune is very different than anything you have played up to this moment, but in a good way. Haven’t you discovered it up to now? Well, this is a relatively new game and you might not know about it, but things are about to change and you will have no excuse for not giving it a try after finding more about it.

This game is about tree pruning and don’t say that this not what you want or that it sounds borring. I’ve said it too, but now I think the opposite of it. What do you have to do in this game? Well, you must draw a line from the base provided in order to draw the tree upward, from which it starts sprouting branches.

After that, to help it grow, you have to trim off certain branches, which will cause other parts of the tree to grow bigger and bigger. Every single level comes with the goal of getting the tree to grow a certain amount of flowers, generally by coming in contact with light.

That is where the fun of Prune comes from as you have to deal with elements like wind or sun that will accelerate or corrupt your tree’s growth, and more. As you can guess, you’ll have to grow and prune your tree around difficult circumstances. The game comes with a variety of interesting challenges, so you will never get bored, but Prune also tries to avoid any form of frustration.

This is the problem of so many other games and I am glad to see at least one that focuses on something else. So, if you fail at a certain level too many times, it’ll offer you the opportunity to skip it. There’s no real high score tracking for doing well, but that’s not the point of Prune.

The game is all about trying something new, relaxing and learning to have patience, so Prune is a game that you must play even though its structure is not the typical one of a video game. There’s no score to chase, no time limitation, and succeeding or failing is not that important. The road that you take is fun and unique and it’s accompanied by an incredible soundtrack that perfectly merges with your progress.

Prune is perfectly compatible with your Android phone since you can pinch and zoom around the map, not to mention that it ideal for the bigger screen of a tablet as well.

Here is where you can find the game, so do not hesitate to grab it right away.