Give a Try to Super Phantom Cat: a new Android retro 2D game platform

If you are looking for a hybrid of the new and old in terms of gaming, let me come with an option that you might like. Super Phantom Cat on Android is the one that I am talking about and even though it isn’t perfect, it definitely has something unique.

Super Phantom Cat is a retro-inspired 2D platformer that takes you in an amazing journey through the Phantom World. The game won’t let you get bored not even for a second as long as it is filled with challenges, it gives you the chance to enjoy a clean character design, as well as fully customizable controls and bonus levels for even more depth.

The gameplay of Super Phantom Cat is specific to a classic retro 2D platformer. You play as Chemist White, a nice cat who has a dream: the cat wants to become the super phantom cat. You have lots of levels divided into various stages and you even have two direction buttons on the bottom left portion of the screen and a jump button on the right part of the screen. And you even get a new button from time to time to let you use the power-ups that you collect as you proceed further.

Another thing that you should know about is that the game has these special power-ups (also known as “sprites”). Pretty much every level is built around a specific ability. For example, it can be a Bullet Sprite that allows you to shoot in the direction you’re facing, a ground pound that can drill through bricks, a teleporter, or even a bomb and more.

Most levels are designed with one of these sprites in mind and the idea is simply great. And don’t forget that all levels have no less than 3 hidden stars that must be collected, not to mention all the secret areas hidden in the walls from where you can collect coins.

To complete a certain level, you have to reach to the portal at the end, of course, if you can defeat your enemies: some are indeed slow, but most of them are incredibly fast and some can even fly and therefore make your mission harder.

As for the controls, you get a standard layout of direction arrows on the left and action buttons on the right. My only problem is that the game lets you shift the buttons around the screen to your liking, but there is no way to separate the two arrows from each other and there are only two sizes for the buttons. They can all be big or small, and that’s all that you can get.

Are you OK with that? Then, grab the game by accessing this link and have fun.

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