Use AppGratis to get a Free App Per Day and Major Discounts

Do you look for a free version of a paid Android app? Google Play is still the one having an impressively large selection of apps, but if you’re looking to play without paying, there are other options to take in consideration as well. What do you say about some interesting alternative app stores?

Things can get complicated at this chapter too. There are still legal issues regarding how some of these stores make the paid apps available for free, not to mention that there are plenty of apps stored in servers which may not have been verified. In order to avoid such security concerns and other risks, my advice is to use AppGratis to get a free app per day, as well as major discounts.

Yes, AppGratis offers a free app to its users every day and discounts on a variety of apps. Most of these deals are only twenty-four hours long, so you must be vigilant or you might miss exactly the app that you are looking for. Have you searched for it and you know that it is not there? Who says that you cannot find something similar, if not even better? Note that AppGratis featured big name apps such as Angry Birds and WhatsApp a while ago, so be sure that you can get the best. The app you snag from them for free today might easily be the next major success, and you’ll have the satisfaction of being in the know early with no penny spent.

Even more, this service is also great for developers all over the world as it gets their unrecognized apps in the spotlight. I am talking about those developers who are struggling to get their game or application noticed; for that to happen, they have the possibility to sign a deal with AppGratis allowing the company to make the app available for free through their services.

Before you proceed to installing apps from AppGratis, remember that you must allow your device to do so. Google prevents installation of apps outside Play Store, but you can change that and allow third party app installations on your device by entering to Menu >> Settings >> Security. From there, tick the “Unknown Sources” box and the problem will be solved.

Do you know how many amazing apps are there? Here I have a few suggestions in case of feeling uninspired today: