Use BackCountry Navigator GPS Pro and Never Get Lost Again

I am sure that you use Google’s extensive Maps app for a long time and you know how to get the best out of it, but maybe you want even more than that. As you probably know, it has a week point: I am talking about the offline navigation. Despite of the fact that Google Maps gives you the possibility to cache a piece of a map, the size limitation is really disappointing.

There’s nothing worse than getting lost, but the best part is that there are so many mobile Android apps that can help you find your way that the choice might become overwhelming. Are you also looking for the best Android navigation app? BackCountry Navigator is my suggestion for today and you will immediately see why I am saying that.

In case of being a camper or a hiker, if you love hunting, kayaking, snowshoeing and so on, I have a strong feeling that the app is exactly what you are looking for. To be more precise, it lets you use your Android device as an off road topo mapping handheld GPS, not to mention that you can download topo maps for the US and many other countries in advance, so you won’t be dependent on the internet connection.

Offline topographical maps are indeed the ideal choice for those places where there is no data service to download them, but don’t you imagine that this is all what BackCountry Navigator has to offer. On the contrary, you get content from US TrailMaps including: ATV, Whitewater, and Equestrian Trail Maps, Android Wear support in order to enjoy the best navigation experience at a glance on wrist, you have the chance to create your own maps with Mobile Atlas Creator and use GPS waypoints from GPX or KML files, or simply enter your own coordinates using longitude/latitude, UTM, MGRS, or grid reference.

Be sure that there are more few features like marking the map and maps from multiple countries, so the app seems to have it all! Some might think that it’s expensive at $9.99 and I must admit that there are several other free options to choose from, but there is a trial version you can try first and decide later.

BackCountry Navigator TOPO GPS can be taken from here.

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