The email encryption software for Android: K-9 Mail

Data encryption is one of the first things that many Android users do against unauthorized data access and theft. However, the thought of having a private key isn’t as pleasant as it might first seem. You need to keep your key hidden so that no one else can access it and you are in big trouble if you ever lose it.

Even more, despite of the fact that the key encryption works very well and it is extremely secure, your Android device has to work very hard to both encrypt and decrypt data using the system. This might slow it down, not to mention that the only way of reverting the procedure is by factory resetting the handset.

So, I know why some of you might not feel one hundred percent comfortable with the idea of totally encrypting their handsets. Do you just want to encrypt your emails, for example?

You are already aware of the fact that emails contain the most sensitive data as you can use them for both your personal and professional life, but an app known as K-9 Mail will be more than enough in such a case. Do not worry anymore about someone cracking your data and discovering your secrets as this app is able to provide you a reliable email encryption service for free.

K-9 Mail is an open source email encryption software for Android that gives you the possibility to securely send and receive emails from one or more email accounts when used with Android Privacy Guard (APG) to encrypt the contents.

K-9 Mail is based on the original Android mail client by Google and is distributed under the open source Apache license, despite of the fact that it also brings a variety of other interesting features. And I also like the fact that if you’re having trouble with K-9, the developers are clear about the fact that all you have to do is to report the bug or tell more about your problem at

You can download K-9 Mail by accessing this Google Play Store link. And if you truly want to download installable packages of more recent builds, don’t hesitate to visit the K-9 download page as well.

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