Boost your Phone’s Performance and Battery Life with Boost+

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We have all seen that our beloved Android phones and tablets can fill up much faster than expected as we download apps and media files, as we fill them with cache data for use offline and so on. Things might be simple for the latest Android handsets, but older devices may only include a few gigabytes of storage and start run slower and slower, so you must take action before the situation turns crazy.

Have you heard that HTC has released a new app called Boost+ on Play Store which automatically boosts your phone’s performance and battery life? This app has the power to clean the cache and remove all the unused apps from the memory, so it seems to be just what many of you need now.

Let me give you the good news from the start: it seems this HTC Boost+ app supports both HTC devices and non-HTC handsets running at least on Android Lollipop, so no, for using it, you don’t necessary have to be the owner of a HTC device.

However there is a small difference that you should know about: it seems that for non-HTC devices the status of the app is Beta, so you may run into some issues while using it on your Android phone. The app can give you the help that you need for removing clutters, optimizing your phone’s performance, regaining the lost storage space and improving the battery life.

The ‘Manage apps’ section lets you uninstall unused apps from your phone, as for Lock apps, this is perfect if you want to password protect any app that contains your private data. Then,‘Smart Boost’ is also one of the most useful features of this app. Once enabled, it immediately starts to free up memory in the background to speed up your phone’s performance and save as much battery power as possible. When it comes to Boost+, it clears junk files (cache files, installers, temporary files and advertising clutter) to regain storage spaces, so don’t hesitate to tap on the ‘Clear junk’ button to take advantage of this feature.

You can download HTC Boost+ from this direct link and don’t act so surprised to discover that it has ads. HTC’s Boost+ is ad supported, just like many other apps from the same category, but at least it does its job great and works as intended, so this is no reason to complain about.

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