How to Add a Case on your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

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Samsung did its best when it comes to the design of its Galaxy S7 Edge flagship. But all that you love might come at a very high price. This is not a rugged device, which means that additional protection is a must.

When it comes to cases, most of buyers have their favorites – whether they are a budget choice or other cases especially designed to deal with damage better than any other cases out there.

Wherever you get an affordable or a high price case for your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, there is something essential: you must know how to securely attach it to the phone. This is because if you do not properly secure the case to the phone, then the phone could bounce out of the case in the event you drop it, so what would be the point of having it in the first place?

And don’t forget a vital tip: don’t you ever think of cleaning your Galaxy S7 Edge with an abrasive cleaner or harsh chemical. You know that your device is indeed waterproof, but make no confusion: harsh chemicals can easily destroy the waterproofing and damage your phone, so be careful.

How to Add a Case on your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge:

  1. First of all, take the case and remove the protective film around the Edges and on the back;
  2. Don’t hesitate to throw away this film as you will not need it again;
  3. Then, apply some non-abrasive cleaner to a soft cloth and feel free to wipe the back of your phone clean, as well as the sides and edges. Be sure that the oil from your fingerprints will attract dirt dust and other debris and these can scratch your phone if they get inside the case;
  4. Then, you have to place the case on a flat surface with the back down;
  5. Carefully place the bottom of your smartphone into the case;
  6. Once the phone has been placed in the case, lift the case and the phone;
  7. Take your thumb and apply firm pressure to one side or the other of the top of the case;
  8. Once you have secured the top side, move your hand to the other side and once again apply steady but firm pressure until you hear a snap as a sign that the case has snapped into place;
  9. After the top of the case has snapped into place, move your thumb around the phone to each corner of the case;
  10. Keep applying pressure to ensure that the case is securely seated on the phone.

You’ve made it! That is how simple is to attach a case to your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

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