Install Stock Android Firmware on Galaxy Tab S2 8.0

Flashing the stock Android firmware on your Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 is pretty easy and I bet that your presence here is a sign that this is exactly what you have in mind. Many of you like their devices rooted or something new, but I also know that you prefer to use a very stable ROM. And the most stable ROM of all is none other than the stock one, so I totally get you.

As you’ll see, you can install Stock Firmware on Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 by using Odin. For those of you who don’t know, Odin is a Samsung software that leaked a few years ago and has the ability to flash firmware on Samsung devices. Things sound great, but keep in mind that that this is a very powerful tool which can brick your phone in a second if not being careful.

Going through this Android update procedure will restore everything to stock including the stock recovery, but note that means that all changes to your Galaxy Tab S2 like root, custom recovery and others will be lost. Even more, let me remind you that flashing the stock firmware will perform a clean install, so all your data could be lost as well. So, it is recommended that users create a backup to have their data safe and to use it in case things go wrong.

Even more, do not make any mistake and fully charge your Galaxy device or at least up to 60% of the battery. Enabling USB Debugging on your phone is a must too and verify that you have Samsung’s drivers installed on your PC. This is necessary for establishing the connection at a later point.

And even though you feel sure, verify that you have the perfect device and variant. This guide is compatible with the Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 Wi-Fi SM-T710 variant only and I can assure you of the fact that it won’t work with the others as long as the firmware T710XXU2AOJ4 is device specific. Therefore, you have no excuse for messing things up!

Install Stock Firmware on Galaxy Tab S2 8.0:

  1. Download the firmware for your Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 by using this link;
  2. Switch off your Galaxy;
  3. Then, boot it into Download mode by pressing the Volume Down + Home + Power buttons simultaneously;
  4. Download the file too by using this link;
  5. Extract the file on your PC. You will get the Odin3_v3.10.7.exe file, so open it to get to the Odin window;
  6. Connect your Galaxy device to the computer using the original USB cable;
  7. When you connect the device, the ID: COM port on Odin will turn Blue. You’ll also see“Added!!” message to indicate a successful connection;
  8. Tap the AP button in ODIN;
  9. Select the firmware that was transferred earlier (theT710XXU2AOJ4_T710OJV2AOJ4_xxx.tar.md5 one);
  10. In the Options section, make sure that only the Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time boxes are checked (do not check the Re-Partition box);
  11. Press the Start button to initiate the flashing procedure;
  12. After the firmware has been flashed, your handset will automatically reboot into Android.

Congrats! You have successfully managed to restore the stock firmware on your Galaxy Tab S2 8.0. You can now safely receive any OTA updates from Samsung and enjoy a stable ROM, as you have wanted from the very beginning.

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