How to Schedule Galaxy S7 Edge Auto Restart

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As you know, I already showed you plenty of essential tips and tricks for the Galaxy S7 Edge which every user should know, but during the past few weeks, I have stumbled across great many hidden features that not just everyone might know. That is why here I am here with a fresh guide that will definitely help you.

Computing devices can get slow after long periods of usage – you already know that. That’s true for absolutely any computing device, and the Android mobile devices like your Galaxy S7 Edge are no exception to that rule. Our smartphones are in use for many days, with usually only a battery recharge and idle periods at night giving them a respite.

Most smartphone users are aware that a slow device can be made to work faster with a simple reboot every few days. With the most recent Samsung devices the software is very optimized, so many think that a restart isn’t exactly necessary. However, I want to tell you that regular automatic restarts are a method of getting your device back to smoother operation without having to manually restart it.

And did you know Samsung has built in an option on Android 5.1 to make its devices restart automatically at manually definable intervals?

How to Schedule Galaxy S7 Edge Auto Restart:

  1. Enter into Settings;
  2. Then go into the Backup and reset submenu;
  3. Under the Device management tab, click on Auto restart;
  4. Now, toggle the button at the top right from Off to On;
  5. By default, the auto restart should be set to take place at 3 AM on Mondays, but there is nothing stopping you from making any changes;
  6. Once you’ve turned it on, your Galaxy S7 Edge will automatically restart at the defined time;
  7. My advice is to select a time at night is the best thing to do, since you can wake up in the morning to a device that is smoother than it was when you went to sleep.

In addition to these innovative features newly added to the Galaxy S7 Edge, there are plenty of useful functions that are also available on this amazing flagship Galaxy device, so keep on reading and discovering more about it:

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