Learn to Enable Flash Alerts on Android with Flash Alerts on Call and SMS

It probably happened to you too: you have been more than once disappointed of the usual ringtones and vibration alerts which fail to grab your attention, causing you to miss an important call or text. In such a case, you probably know the fact that LED flash alerts are a great backup plan, so what do you say about trying such an app?

Flash Alerts on Call and SMS can be exactly what you are looking for! My primary app of choice is this one as long as it comes with a special feature that similar apps don’t have. So, within the app’s settings, you have the ability to easily toggle on flash alerts for incoming calls or SMS, and you can also choose to enable flash alerts for different sound modes, such as normal, vibrate, or silent.

Even more, feel free to adjust the speed of the flash and don’t leave aside that special feature that I was telling you about. I am talking about the fact that Flash Alerts on Call and SMS lets you set a specific battery percentage that will activate the flash alert, providing you a clear indicator of when it’s time to plug your device in. Like that, you will make sure that you never forget to plug in your Android handset to the nearest power source to save your battery and avoid the unpleasant situation of remaining with no battery in the middle of the day.

Apart from that, if you are in a client meeting, in the middle of an exam, or if you are busy, and don’t want to disturb anyone with the blinking flashlight, you can easily turn them off with the Volume Keys.

The only requirement for enjoying all these is that you need is an Android handset which is running at least on Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich and make sure that your Android device has a flashlight built in, or else this tutorial is simply pointless!

You need to download the Flash Alerts on Call and SMS application from the Google Play Store with the help of this direct link and then, you will find a nice and clean Material Designed look and UI. This makes the app feel premium and be sure that it will do its job with no issue!

So, up to this point, with Flash Alerts On Call and SMS, you will be not only be notified with a sound, but also with a flash alert on every new notification or call you get.