Go Keyboard and its Features that make it Stand Out

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Finding the ideal Android keyboard is no easy task for any of you. If you’re using a stock Android device, then you probably already have Google’s Keyboard installed as long as this is the default option on Nexus devices (as well as most others running “pure” Android), but despite its growing popularity, I don’t find it as being perfect.

Some of us don’t get along too well with the vanilla feeling or maybe you hate that it doesn’t excels on customization or personalization options and you want something different. Could this be your option? I am talking about Go Keyboard which is remarkably powerful, and offers various features for free even if they used to be only available in premium keyboards.

You can easily swipe if you so choose, not to mention all the intuitive suggestions for auto-fill and auto correct. The keyboard is also very stylish with a minimalist approach that will never make you feel that you are getting too less.

Even more, the GIF keyboard is the real strength of Go Keyboard especially as long as the GIF language is becoming popular and could replace many elements of our written language within messaging. After all, this special language contains subtleties that no text can capture and this Go Keyboard takes full advantage of that.

Besides the fact that with Go Keyboard it’s really simple insert GIFs in your messages, don’t leave aside that you can choose from themes like Star Wars, Leonardo DiCaprio or the Oscars. Even more, you can also sort through emotions and expressions like LOL, or the popular tears. After all, Go Keyboard didn’t become so popular for no good reason, but it truly has many features that make it stand out from other apps.

While it may not be the fastest and you should also know that it is sometimes known to lag on certain devices– it just bogs down under pressure, this is a great keyboard to try on your own Android device. With these being said, you can give it a shot and see if it’s the right option for you by taking Go Keyboard from here.

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Popa Loredana

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