A+ Gallery – a special Combination of Android and iOS

Do you love taking pictures with your Android device? Then, I can only bet that you also have tried out lots of photo viewing apps to browse these pictures with including the default gallery browser. So, you know that finding a decent option can sometimes be a real challenge.

Even in such conditions, I am pretty sure that A+ Gallery cannot disappoint its users and this has to do especially with its simplicity and usability. And it has something else for those of you who have previously owned an iOS handset. Well, A+ Gallery comes as some sort of a special combination of Android and iOS, with the app offering a Material Design-inspired interface that borrows a few elements from what iPhone users are accustomed to. I can assure you of the fact that even if you have never used an Apple product, A+ Gallery won’t seem unfamiliar, but you’ll get used to it in no time.

A+ Gallery Photos has a clean interface and just as other similar app, you can enjoy that it comes with some tabbed bars across the top. In this case, I am talking about: Photos, Sync, and Albums and they all play their roll. The first lists images by date. The last lets you browse them by folder. As for the middle, it only applies to Facebook.

Even more, this app lets you search out pictures by their color. This is an interesting feature that I haven’t found it in other apps, but I have to admit that it is also a little odd and not something that I would use all the time. And I must warn you that it’s not 100% accurate either, but it’s amusing, and it can help you track down photos that are easier to recall visually than by place or time, as we are sued to do it.

If Facebook is your usual choice for sharing photos, then A+ Gallery is once again ideal. It can connect with Facebook’s photo backup service so your pictures are right there for sharing; something you usually have to do within the social network’s app.

So, the A+ Gallery Photos app has a clean look, making it a great alternative if your default gallery app isn’t nice at all, it has features that you are used too along with others that are nowhere to be found in other apps, so what do you say?

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