Void Warranty for Unlocking Motorola Developer Edition Bootloader No Longer a Concern

In terms of unlocking a developer edition device, in this case, Motorola, the company has changed its policies stating that their smartphone, Moto X, will not be voided anymore in case the hanset is unlocked, due to a new friendly policy that the company has managed to come up with. This policy comes with a new set of regulations that is meant to reinstate the warranty, starting with the day of the original purchase of the Moto X devices, the 2012 and 2013 editions. For that, you have to provide Motorola with proofs that the smartphone was bought directly from the company and that you have also requested a bootloader unlock code.

As our source also states, Motorola will actually add up some spicy juice for this void warranty. The company has announced that recovery images will also be provided for Motorola Developer Edition phones, starting with Moto X, that do not have the previous edition anymore.

Moto X Unlocking Developer Edition Bootloader

Moto X Unlocking Developer Edition Bootloader

What does it mean in terms of recovery images provided? It means that any hacker, developer or regular user, can take the device out of the its box and request the bootloader unlock code, running all types of software and apps without worrying that something bad should happen to them.

On its official site, Motorola also states:
“Customers who purchase Developer Edition devices want the flexibility to take this even further and tinker with the operating system. “This may include creating and flashing a custom build of Android or porting one from an enthusiast community. Up until now, when a customer requested a bootloader unlock code we would void the warranty for that Developer Edition device. We are excited to support the developer and enthusiast communities by making two key changes to the Developer Edition program”.

The policy will be extended to all the devices and starting with November 22, the unlock bootloader code was released out in the air.