Galaxy S5 to Receive Metal Build and more

There have been some rumors the other days stating that the Samsung Galaxy S5 would be receiving a metallic body. A photo with Galaxy S5` s metallic frame was also leaked. Other rumors state that the Cathcer Taiwanese company will be the favorite one in getting the metal building for the Galaxy S5`s flagship, along with a report that came out in the Taiwan media confirming the possibility of S5 receiving the metallic frame. This would be a major step forward made by the Samsung Company in putting away the cheap plastic and arming the device with a strong metal built.

As with the report on the go, stating the rolling out of the Galaxy S5 metal frame with Catcher, other major suppliers like Ju Teng, also from Taiwan, and BYD a Chinese Company, will get a taste of Galaxy S5, supplying the remaining units in their regions.

Rumors Confirmed for Samsung Galaxy S5 to Receive Metal Build

Rumors Confirmed for Samsung Galaxy S5 to Receive Metal Build

And as our source also mentions, we tend to believe these leaks as being real since the Samsung has received a lot of critics concerning their plastic built; their reply was quite simple: the use of plastic keeps the phone lighter and makes the battery or the SIM come off easier.

And let`s face it: during the whole year, we have seen other important flagships like Sony and HTC coming up with more premium materials such as glass or aluminum, and to make a negative remark towards Samsung`s brand, let`s not forget the iPhone 5, which remains the tank phone available on the market today.

So, Samsung, it is time to make a step forward and bring that metal flagship into the light to make the Galaxy S5 a worthy competitor out of it in terms of a more durable and higher resistant device to wear out or water.

Until then, we will keep our breath until its glorious launch.