CES 2014: Lenovo S930 Specs, Features and more

Lenovo’s CES package of goodies has been much more impressive that we have anticipated. And we aren’t talking only about tablets, but several smartphone models can be included in this list as well. We are perfectly aware of the fact that this company is not among your first choices when it comes to buying a new smartphone, but here we have a few details that might make you change your mind. Let’s take the example of Lenovo S930 which can be an ideal choice for a daily basic use, thanks to its bright screen, excellent audio, dual SIM capability and not only. So, we invite you to read more about this device that has just been revealed at CES.

Specs wise, this Lenovo S930 that we have here comes with a 6-inch display having a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels and a viewing angle of 178 degrees. It is true that you can find much better options out there, but this bright display is decent enough for those who aren’t looking for a handset equipped with the latest high-end specs.

Lenovo S930 Revealed at CES

Lenovo S930 Revealed at CES

Its power is offered by a quad-core processor and don’t leave aside the fact that Lenovo S930 packs both a 8MP rear camera and a front-facing 1.6MP one, but we still cannot offer you any details regarding their capabilities. Its dual front-facing speakers from Dolby Digital, they are a real surprise thanks to the crisp sound with no distortion that they can offer. And as our source confirms, it features Android 4.2 OS version, according to the public’s wish.

Lenovo S930 is though just one of the company’s devices that have been presented at CES. The list is much more generous than that, so don’t hesitate to check our latest news. You’ll find there more interesting Lenovo and not only products that have been just revealed!