CES 2014: Three new Android- and iOS- Archos smartwatches

Did you know that three new Archos smartwatches were just revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show? If not, here we are to tell you more details regarding these interesting devices. Although they don’t have specific branding attached up to now, we already know that all these products are based on the same basic technology, but will offer instead a different screen technology and battery life. Why three Android- and iOS- versions instead of a single one? Our guess is that Archos tries to target both the low-budget buyers and those who aren’t afraid of emptying their bank accounts and what better way for doing that?

As the company claims, the most affordable version will be priced at $50 and will come with a 1.55-inch low-resolution black-and-white display, just as the Pebble watch. And besides this non-capacitive screen, we must also tell you that this Archos smartwatch will be able to sport between one and two weeks of battery life per charge, which doesn’t sound bad at all.

Three new Android- and iOS- Archos smartwatches

Three new Android- and iOS- Archos smartwatches

When it comes to the second possible choice, it will be available for a price of no more than $100, offering more power-intensive color LCD touchscreen, but only with around 36 – 48 hours of battery life on a charge. As for the high-end Archos smartwatch, its price is already set for $129 thanks to its e-ink curved display and a battery life rated of at least 1.5 weeks.

We finally want to tell you that any of these three new smartwatches won’t be launched any time sooner and we can only hope for a summer release; but not even than you shouldn’t imagine that the company will launch the whole package together. As our source confirms, Archos will first offer the $50 version and only later the other two $100 and $129 models