Galaxy Gear to be compatible with Galaxy S3 and Note 2 along many others

We heard it coming…and here it is! The rumored smartwatch from Samsung, also known as Galaxy Gear, is finally out. Strong connected with the Galaxy Note 3 device, this couple seems to be the main event this month.

As always, the impressions are divided: some people are overexcited over the new toys they will have to play with and discuss about and some people are skeptical or still attached to the old devices they already have. However, we are always cheerful about new gadgets which come with new technology. And that seems to be the case here. We also know that the Galaxy Gear’s first partner will be Galaxy Note 3, but we expect more. The list of compatibilities with the handset will increase, Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note2 S Pen phablet will be added to that list.

Considering the features of the smartwatch, when we look at it we’ll see a 1.63-inch display of a 320×320 pixels resolution. Galaxy Gear is also gifted with a 1.9 megapixels camera with auto-focus that has macro mode, twin microphones and noise cancelation.  You will be glad to hear that the full HD video capture was also implemented so that the watch can be fully used. It’s appearance is also delightful. The sapphire glass protects the screen and the metal frame gives it a nice and smooth aspect, a feature well deserved by such a device.

Samsung Galaxy Gear

Samsung Galaxy Gear

Under that beautiful ‘skin’ ( which by the way can come in many different joyful or serious colors ) are packed a 4GB memory, an 800Mhz Exynox processor and 512 MB of RAM. The connection to the smartphone is ( of course ) wireless, via Bluetooth LE connection. We were let to understand that the band is a little bit stiff, but it is very likely that that would soften in time due usage.

Surfing through the watch’s software will be fairly easy for anyone who is accustomed to touchscreen devices. The software that will make the connection between the watch and the phone will be an application named as Gear Manager, which will likely be downloadable via market.  I didn’t test it, but it seems like the Galaxy Gear is not waterproof. Of course, it will be no problem if your hand will sweat a little, but if you are caught outside on a rainy day, you will want to take extra care at your watch.


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