iPhone 5s vs Samsung Galaxy S4

Apple iPhone 5S first became available on September 20 and seems to be topping the charts lately. Surely there will be other technologies on the market that will represent a real competition and a future topic for our debate. But until then, there is only one handset that can really compete with the iPhone 5s: the Samsung Galaxy S4. The Galaxy S4 came out last April. Upon its release, it became the fastest selling smartphone in Samsung’s history. But is this enough? Could he defeat iPhone 5S, “the best smartphone available”?

In order to clarify we have to compare the two current market winners. Therefore, Apple iPhone 5S vs Samsung Galaxy S4! Fight is open!

The iPhone 5S measures 4.87 x 2.31 x 0.3 inches and weighs 3.95 ounces, while Samsung Galaxy S4 measures 5.38 x 2.75 x 0.31 inches. The dimensions are not much different, but in the great interests fight any dimensional difference matters.

The iPhone 5s is lauded for its ease-of-use, whereas the Galaxy S4 is known for its typically Android customization options. That’s the most important difference between the two smartphones; this is the biggest advantage of Apple`s technology.

When it comes to display, Samsung Galaxy S4 wins the race. The iPhone’s 1136 x 640 pixel resolution (that means 326 pixels per inch) can’t compete with Samsung’s,  which has 1080p with 441 pixels per inch. Samsung Galaxy S4 sports a larger and sharper screen as compared to the brighter LCD of Apple which makes internet experience better on the phone. Ebook experience and video viewing experience are better enjoyed on Galaxy S4 than on iPhone 5S.

Another factor is the production cost of each handset, as this affects the retail price. The iPhone 5 is a bit cheaper than the Galaxy S4. IHS iSuppli says that production costs vary widely between different handsets, and that Apple makes more profit from sales so it can spend more on development and keeping end-prices low.

Both operating systems are advanced. Their confrontation would remain without an objective result. Those who like simplicity will prefer Apple’s iOS 7, a solid upgrade that adds some of Android’s strengths, such as a Control Center. iOS 7 may be frustrating at first, but is still the most simple operating system on the planet. Those who like access to customization will prefer Android Jelly Bean. The Galaxy S4 currently runs Android Jelly Bean 4.2. Samsung’s TouchWiz interface clutters things up a little bit and some adjustments are needed to make things more comfortable. Samsung’s own OS is fast and reliable.

Regarding to the performances, both of these smartphones are excellent. The iPhone 5s is the fastest smartphone around, but Samsung gives the user flexibility to customize their phone as per their desires. So, we can’t decide which is the best gift, but you surely already know the answer.

Conclusion: any choice you’ll make, it will be simply perfect!

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