Software Piracy on Android finally punched

Android lovers seem to suffer more from piracy these days, with a lot of criminal activity hidden under the so called legal websites app-oriented, which have made a habit out of stealing and using Android apps, and that because it is quite easy to install apps just outside the Google Play Store. Since the guys from Google doesn’t seem to care about the situation, as their Android system is still enjoying a lot of success, it all remains on the United States Department of Justice to deal with these kind of criminal acts concerning software piracy.

As our source states, the U.S. Department of Justice arrested and charged four men “with conspiracy to commit criminal copyright infringement”, as they were involved in some criminal activities concerning the copyright of Android apps. The four men were operating under two websites, namely and to disperse more than one million pirated copies of Android apps.

Software Piracy on Android

Software Piracy on Android

Kody Jon Peterson from Florida, aged 22, was charged for one count last Thursday, for being involved in criminal activity under the “SnappzMarket Group” ever since May 2011. The other three, Thomas Allen Dye, aged 21, 26 year-old Nicholas Anthony Narbone, both from Florida, and also the Oregon originated Thomas Pace, 38 years old, were also charged for operating under the “Appbucket Group”. All four are facing a five year sentence in a federal prison.

A report of the Department of Justice states that the two websites were handling pirated Android apps, being thus subjected to the violation of the intellectual property. Both Appbucket and SnappzMarket websites were sized on the 21st of August, 2012, as being part of the investigation that eventually brought the four men to justice.

We might add that this is perhaps the first serious sign of fighting against the internet app pirates, but that is just a battle that the United States Department of Justice has won against them. Let`s hope that things would also change in Europe or anywhere else in the world. Let`s fight crime, let`s protect our Android world.