Samsung’s Galaxy S5 Upcoming Octa-core Processor

We have all seen Samsung’s Galaxy S5 finally launched, but after taking a quick look at the spec sheet you’ll immediately notice that the company has only presented the Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 SoC and the Exynos variant previously rumored is nowhere to be found. But although it hasn’t been presented at MWC, it doesn’t necessary means that it isn’t on its way. An infographic posted on Samsung’s blog tells us the same story about Samsung’s Galaxy S5 Upcoming Octa-core processor that Samsung is looking to release at a later date.

Mysterious Octa-core Processor

Starting from here, the rumors are divided. Some say that Samsung is currently working on an Exynos Infinity processor for its Galaxy S5 handset, while others are sure that this mysterious processor is none other than company’s current octa-core Exynos chip that has been just unveiled at MWC 2014. Anyway, we must tell you though that this Exynos 5422 model isn’t actually an octa-core processor like you’d initially expect it to be, despite of the fact that it has eight cores. The story is pretty much the same as the one that we have seen on its predecessors: four of its cores are ideal for heavy loads and the other ones are just supposed to handle lighter tasks.

Samsung’s Galaxy S5 Upcoming Octa-core Processor

Samsung’s Galaxy S5 Upcoming Octa-core Processor

To be more precise, this ‘octa-core’ processor comes with four ARM Cortex A15 cores running at 2.1 GHz and other four Cortex A7 cores that can run at 1.5 GHz, but we cannot guarantee that this is the processor  that Galaxy S5 will pack. And to be honest, we certainly hope that it won’t be. The lack of a metallic body, the similar design with its predecessor and the display are already questionable and we don’t need other disappointments.


When it comes to its availability, we must tell you that it is unclear whether this upcoming Exynos octa-core version will be limited to select markets or if Samsung will release it in various regions, but one thing is for sure. Samsung’s Galaxy S5 octa-core processor is as real as it can be and we’ll enjoy it sooner or later.

As for this infographic, it presents us different Galaxy S handsets based on versions offered in South Korea, so we can imagine that this the octa-core variant will be first released in its home country.