Samsung NX Mini Camera Officially Unveiled with 20.5MP

Here we are folks, back as promised, with the official unveil of the Samsung NX mini camera, that delivers the slimmest features like 22.5 mm and the lightest mirrorlens camera with interchangeable lens. The big surprise is the camera`s 20.5-megapixel CMOS censor, sporting a built-in flash and a 3.0-inch Flip up, along with Touch LCD Screen, which can be flipped for better framing before snapshotting a “wefie”. A ‘wefie” is a selfie that can be shot with two or more people. The Samsung NX mini camera will be launched in the US as well as in other markets starting with April, with prices to be rendered later on.

The Samsung NX mini camera comes with a lot of features like Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity for sharing photos or videos via Dropbox and Flickr, and with an option of editing them on your computer with the bundled.

Samsung NX Mini Camera Officially Unveiled with 20.5MP

Samsung NX Mini Camera Officially Unveiled with 20.5MP

More than that, the Samsung NX mini camera has a lot of specific features in terms of snapshotting. We are looking here at a lot of filters and effects displayed by the camera, along with other numerous shooting modes like Wink Mode that lets you take a picture of you while winking at the camera.

Then, there is that fine piece of feature that allows you to video-record in Full HD resolution set at 30fps. Even if there isn’t enough space inside the mini, there is though a microSD slot that lets you use the extra space for unforgettable moments. You can later on discharge the videos on your PC and free up some space for your photos!

The Samsung NX isn’t meant for professional photographers but one can be happy to have this wonderful 20.5-megapixel camera in beautiful colors like white, black, pink, brown or mint green.

And that is not all. The NX mini camera doesn’t come alone, as Samsung also offers a choice of different kit options like a 99mm f/3.5 lens, which costs $449 and another 9-27mm zoom lens and an external flash for the equivalent of $549. Other accessories include a carrying case, an extra battery, a charger and of course, the famous NX-M Mount Adapter that lets you use the lenses found on the present NX models.

In case you decide to but the latest innovative Samsung NX mini camera to experience unforgettable moments with your family and friends, do not forget to share them with us and tell us what you feel about it! Don’t forget to write! Cheers!