How to Turn off Samsung Note 8 Camera Sound

When you take a picture with your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 camera in a crowded place, the truth is that you can barely hear the shutter sound. Anyway, things don’t always go this way – I am thinking of a wedding reception, a special meeting in a private place, all these and many others are special events that you want to keep fresh forever.

The sound the Note 8 camera makes while taking a picture could be quite disturbing to those around you, so don’t let things in such a way.

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That’s why you basically have no other chance but to learn how to turn off the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 camera shutter sound. And as always, some help is more than welcomed.

How to Turn off Samsung Note 8 Camera Sound:

  • First of all, you can give a try to a third party camera application on your device. The third party camera would have a lesser sound quality unlike that of the Galaxy Note 8 and be sure of the fact that there are various camera applications available in the Google play store in that precise matter.
  • Yes, a less noisy app can save the day, but you can also choose to try connecting your headphones to your device. By doing this, the sound would pass through your headphones rather the smartphone.
  • Another simple way to mute your Galaxy Note 8 camera shutter sound is to mute or to turn down the volume of the entire handset. However, you don’t need me to tell you that this could turn into a problem if you forget to turn it back on right away and yes, you don’t always have time for doing that if you want to capture a special moment. If these are no real issue to you, then the procedure only involves pressing down the volume key until it’s in vibration mode.

So, what do you say; are things any better now?

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