How to Enter Recovery Mode on Moto X

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Do you have some problems with your Motorola Moto X after installing unsupported application or do you think that it has been corrupted due to a virus? Are you experiencing some software errors and your device cannot respond properly anymore? Or maybe do you want to remove all the content for selling your Moto X?

You don’t need us to tell you that hard resetting is the procedure that works for any of these situations, but don’t you forget that the recovery mode is the one that can help you do a hard reset aka factory reset (in that matter learn also how to hard reset your Moto X by using a dedicated tutorial). That’s exactly what we want to help you achieve in this tutorial; we want to teach you how to enter recovery mode on your Moto X.

Before starting the procedure, you should also know that entering recovery mode is also required in case of trying some unofficial operations like gaining root access, flashing different kernels, clearing the cache and so on and things did not turned out as initially expected.

And if you take in consideration the possibility of replacing the official recovery of your Motorola Moto X with a custom one like TWRP or CWM, entering the recovery mode is once again a necessary step.

Below we will present you an easily method to enter recovery mode on your device without downloading or installing anything. But you should know from the start that this step by step tutorial is compatible only with Motorola Moto X, so we strongly recommend you not to use these instructions on other Motorola devices; you can brick or damage your device and this is only your responsibility!

How to Enter Recovery Mode on your Motorola Moto X:

  • Turn off your Moto X; in order to do so you have to press the Power button and then to select ‘power off’;
  • Wait a few seconds and then press the Power, Volume down and Home buttons simultaneously;
  • After releasing the buttons the boot menu screen will be displayed on your Moto X handset;
  • So, scroll down on ‘recovery’ (by using the Volume down button) and select it by pressing Volume up’;
  • After the Android logo is displayed on your Moto X you must press and hold Volume up and Volume down buttons for about five seconds followed by pressing the Power button once;
  • The recovery mode menu will be displayed on the device;
  • The procedure is over, so you can return to Android OS by selecting ‘reboot system now’.

And that’s it! You have learned how to easily enter recovery mode on your Motorola Moto X, so feel free to share your opinions with us and other readers! And we have more articles about this device: here you can find how to extend the battery life of your Motorola Moto X, here we have presented you Motorola’s plans to expand Moto Maker and release a new smartwatch and yes, we can even be talking about the latest KitKat OS update.

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