New Android L Wallpaper has Surfaced on the Internet; Test it Now

Android L is said to be one of the biggest upgrades brought to Android up to now and here we have more details about what Sundar Pichai, head of Android has revealed about it. And we have even prepared one of the wallpapers from Android L that you can use now, as it has surfaced on the Internet, with more to be revealed in the following days – though you can anytime download the new Android L Wallpaper on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Android L Changes

From what we have just discovered, Android L comes with no less than 5000 new APIs which are going to be made available for developer in the upcoming weeks if not even sooner. The notification panel is also being merged with the lockscreen, so that you’ll easily see what’s going on as you pick up the phone and make a basic swipe up gesture.

Moreover, Google’s new mobile platform has a so-called Material Design which is flat, making every animation and image look real, which is something that we all want. Just as Google revealed, the idea is to offer us a more intuitive experience, clearly mentioning that you’ll have the chance to enjoy shadow gradients and even 3D tiles that slide over one another.

But don’t you imagine that Android L is only better looking, but also much faster than before as long as ART, an optional runtime in Android KitKat is now the standard option for Android L. In these conditions, you should know that ART doesn’t need apps to be readjusted, being more memory efficient than Dalvik with the apps that are running in the background benefiting from megabytes of saved data.

And finally, we can tell you that batteries on Android L devices are supposed to be more efficient than ever with Project Volta, Google’s way of showing us why and how the handset’s power pack is juicing down. And don’t forget that the Battery Saver mode is integrated by default too, which can lengthen your use by up to no less than 90 mins per day.

Download and Enjoy Android L Wallpaper

Other than these, we all know that with every new Android update, new wallpapers are also introduced. Just as we have told you from the start, here we have a wallpaper from Android L that can be already used.

For those disappointed that we don’t have more wallpapers, we can only tell you that only this one has managed to surface the internet, but be sure that we’ll return with much more wallpapers as soon as the SDK for Android L u is released.

So, all you have to do is to type “Android L (5.0) wallpaper” and a link to Play store will immediately appear; or you can use this link if you want to download the new Android L Wallpaper.