New Low-end Tizen Phone from Samsung Shipped to India for Testing

A month after Samsung revealed its first Samsung Z Tizen-based smartphone, we’re now hearing that a new Samsung low-end Tizen phone shipped to India for testing. According to Zauba, a website that lists products imported and exported to and from India, the model number of this Samsung handset is SMZ130H, also making it clear that we are talking about a budget-friendly model.

Targeted at the Low-end Segment of the Market

To be more specific, the low prices of its components are a clear sign that the phone could be targeted at the low-end segment of the market. To be honest, we have no problem with that and we are not at all disappointed.

In case of you remember, Samsung had announced from the very beginning the fact that Tizen could run on phones with as low as 256 MB of RAM, so it is obviously that only a low-end device would give us the chance to use (and even enjoy) this operating system.

Could there be any Issues with the Announcement of this Samsung SM-Z130H?

Is there anyone curious to find out more about this upcoming Samsung SM-Z130H handset? Sadly, no technical details have been revealed so far and the story is similar when it comes to its availability as well.

We don’t know when SM-Z130H will launch, especially if we take in consideration the issues Samsung is continuing to face in its repeated attempts to release its Samsung Z, although the official announcement has taken place weeks ago. Could this happen in this case too? After all, we are once again talking about a modest device that might or might not be accepted by public.

In any case, we’ll keep an eye on things and return with fresh details as soon as possible! We know that Samsung usually has an ace up its sleeve, so we’ll hope that it will finish what it has started in the near future!