LG G3 S Up for Pre-order on Russian Retailer Svyaznoy

Yesterday we have talked about LG G3 S and its user manual that had leaked, as well as about the fact that it was certified for sale by the relevant Chinese authorities, but it’s a new day and time for fresh details about the very same phone. It seems that LG G3 S is up for pre-order on Russian Retailer Svyaznoy and we know for sure that this is not just a joke.

Svyaznoy is actually the second biggest independent phone seller in Russia, so we cannot be taking about any mistake. This carrier wouldn’t do such a thing. And the best part is yet to come! Do you know that its page has a complete list of specs and even the pricing? This is our chance to find out more about the smartphone and here we want to share with you what we have discovered:

What have We Discovered about LG G3 S?

As it has been initially rumored, this LG G3 S comes with a 5-inch 720p touchscreen and a 1.2 GHz quad-core processor which is paired with 1GB of RAM. Although there might be plenty of other better versions out there, we must admit that this one is indeed powerful enough to run the most popular apps.

Moreover, here we also have both an 8 MP rear camera and a 1.3 MP front camera and although the snapper has a single-LED flash, it still has its bigger brother’s laser focus system and we all know what an advantage is to focus the special moments of your life much faster by measuring the distance between the subject and the camera using a laser beam.

The 2540 mAh battery is a decent choice, while the internal storage space sits at 8GB, but at least we appreciate that it’s expandable through microSD cards. As for the OS, we are talking about a G3 S that runs Android 4.4 KitKat from the box, just like we all want!

This model that we have here is prepared for Russia and has dual-SIM functionality, but we have already told you that LG is working on more than one version, so be sure that expect at least one if not even more will come with 4G.

This is not the case for this one and we can see it in its price: the handset will be priced at RUB 13,990 (around $406 or €300) in Russia, but we cannot be sure about the price in other regions. Anyway, with this listing revealed, we can only imagine that LG will make its G3 S official as soon as possible.