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How to watch Gremlins on Android

You have all heard of Gremlins and you know the story of that boy who breaks three important rules concerning his new pet and unleashes some mischievous monsters on a small town. Gremlins received multiple positive reviews from critics all...

Bitmoji can be Your Personal Emoji 0

Bitmoji can be Your Personal Emoji

In the beginning of the past year, Bitmoji made the big change as it was acquired by Snapchat for no less than $100 million. What this app does is let you create your own emoji. And besides that, after the acquisition,...


The Charm of Hearthstone will Draw You In

I don’t know how it happened not to talk about Hearthstone up to now. Blizzard’s popular card game has an official application. Hearthstone is a popular card game which includes many of Blizzard’s heroes and monsters that you already know...


How to Have Fun with Elf Adventure (Free)

In case you are looking for a puzzle game that can make you feel the Christmas spirit, then Elf Adventure is an ideal choice for you. being a special game centered around the story of Santa’s elves, Elf Adventure will...


Samsung Galaxy A5 Released in Russia

The Russian customers who are already prepared for the Christmas holydays can now choose their gift it term of a new Samsung branded Android powered smartphone. So, if you are a Samsung fan, then you might want to know that...