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Android: How to Block Pop-ups in Chrome

There are is no secret that pop-up adverts are not only intrusive on an Android handset, but they can also make you feel like a crazy person, not to mention the damage to your phone bill if you’re on a...


Change Chrome’s Address Bar Location

Google’s Chrome browser has been the most popular web browser in the world for quite a few years now and I see no difference for the future. Despite of the fact that Chrome aims to be a one-size-fits all browser,...


Update your Android Apps on Chromebook

The announcement of Android apps on Chrome OS was a major thing on Google I/O 2016 and we have all learned a lot since then. I personally got used to the idea of having Android apps running on my Chromebook,...


Add Chrome Custom Tabs to your Apps

Alongside Android Marshmallow, Google debuted a new Android feature called Chrome Custom Tabs, which lets developers to use Chrome as their in-app browser instead of WebView. Up to now, developers had no more than two options: they could choose to...


Using Chrome on Android: Tips and Tricks

Google’s Chrome for Android is there to offer you a powerful browsing experience by default, but there’s always space for improvement. You can speed it up with the help of this detailed guide and no less important, if you know...


How to Speed Up Chrome for Android

Let me be clear from the start about the fact that I find Chrome on Android as being a simply great default browser. The advantages coming along with Chrome are numerous: it utilizes less RAM, it runs smoother than several...