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How to Rotate Photos for Snapchat

Obviously, you should try everything you can when experimenting with different ways of getting the best photos for Snapchat. Snapchat doesn’t give you the chance to share photos in landscape mode. If you have a photo that you took in...


How to Save Photos from Text Message On LG V30

Well, there is no list of must-have features for a 2017 flagship phone, but there is a set of key features that everyone thinks of when buying a new device. Well, we all want power, wireless charging, high-resolution display (preferably...


How to Remix Photos on Instagram

Direct messages in Instagram are a good way of sharing photos more privately with friends and relatives. As part of the version 24 update, it seems that we can all enjoy an extra layer of creativity. Yes, as you can...


Send High Quality Bulk Photos on WhatsApp

You know that all instant messaging platform like WhatsApp or Line compress photos and videos by compressing the photos. Although you enjoy the major benefit of quickly sending the file over to your friends, you should also know that it...