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How to Face Swap in Snapchat 0

How to Face Swap in Snapchat

Even if you keep your results to yourself or if it is one experiment you have in mind for quite a while, it’s time to learn how to Face Swap in Snapchat. Yes, I know that Snapchat is especially known...


Change Your Voice on Snapchat Android

Snapchat introduced quite a few new features and users can now play with various backdrops, add URLs to their Snaps and record video snaps using voice filters. Voice filters allow you to remix your voice and send messages. The feature...


5 Snapchat Tips that you need to Know

There’s nothing more fun than unlocking a hidden Snapchat filter and there is no secret that I am talking about no regular filter, but one as popular as the current Game of Thrones one. However, there is much more about...

Learn to Turn On Ghost Mode on Android Snapchat 0

Learn to Turn On Ghost Mode on Android Snapchat

There is no secret that Snapchat recently updated their Android app with an exciting feature called Snap Map. This one gives you the opportunity to share your current location with other Snapchatters, as well as see their current locations. It...


Use Snapchat on Rooted Android Devices

In case of being a fan of the Snapchat app for the Android platform, then you know that the latest update has blocked all users with root access from using the app. This is the result of some security concerns...