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Learn to Unsend A Message on Whatsapp

You know how things work with these Whatsapp messaged; right after you hit send, you realize the terrible mistake that you made and you might think that there is no way to change things. I must contradict you on that!...


How to Set up LG V30 Message Preview

Notifications as a result of message previews can turn into a constant source of distraction for those who are not using their device or trying to enjoy other apps at a certain point. Don’t you agree with me on that?...


How to Save Photos from Text Message On LG V30

Well, there is no list of must-have features for a 2017 flagship phone, but there is a set of key features that everyone thinks of when buying a new device. Well, we all want power, wireless charging, high-resolution display (preferably...


How to Use iMessage on your Android

The idea of switching from iOS to Android is scary for many users. Living in a world where everything seems to be related to Android shows you that you make no mistake, but quite the opposite and your transition can...