Enter and Use Recovery Mode on Galaxy Note 4

Recovery mode can be easily used on Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Whether Android KitKat or Lollipop is implied, reaching and using stock or custom recovery mode on Galaxy Note 4 is the same. So, if you need assistance and if you want to quickly check how to reboot your phablet in recovery mode read the guidelines from below and then apply the steps that are detailed.

What is recovery mode?

Recovery mode is a hidden menu. This menu can be accessed on any Android tablet or smartphone therefore is an in built feature – thus, on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 too. This feature is pre installed on any Android firmware so you will be able to use it on KitKat and also on Android 5.0 Lollipop or on future Android updates.

From default, any Android device comes installed with the stock recovery image. This recovery can be then replaced with a custom image. The differences between these two environments consists is the access provided to you, the general user. So, using recovery implies in having access to the internal Android system.

While on stock recovery you can perform only basic and official operations, on custom recovery image (such as CWM or TWRP recovery) you can choose tweak your Galaxy Note 4 in matter of updating your smartphone with custom ROMs, flashing custom kernels, overclock the CPU and so on.

Is Reaching Recovery the same for stock and custom recovery?

As already pointed out, it doesn’t matter what recovery image you have installed on your Galaxy Note 4. Entering your device in recovery mode will be the same whether you are using the stock or a custom recovery menu. As you will see, there are two ways in which you can reboot your Note 4 in recovery and both methods aren’t related to the type of software you are using on your phablet.

So, this is a general tutorial that works on any situations. The steps from below are also compatible with rooted and locked smartphones or with Galaxy Note 4 phones that are powered by stock or custom Android firmwares.

Why should you use a custom recovery and what operations you can apply when using this software

A custom recovery must be installed by users who want to change their Android experience on the Galaxy Note 4. Also replacing stock recovery with custom software should be completed only by advanced users as it is a custom operation and the warranty of your phablet will get void while completing the same.

As already pointed out, a custom recovery will provide more control over the internal system of KitKat of Lollipop. Entering and using custom recovery will bring many advantages as you will be able to unleash the full power of your Note 4 without dealing with factory and default restrictions.

Thus, with a custom recovery image you can complete operations such as: rooting your Android smartphone, update with a custom ROM firmware – like CM12, AOKP or ParanoidAndroid, install a custom kernel, overclock your Android device, remove bloatware, make Nandroid backups and lot more. All these procedures will ensure better Android experience, more speed, better battery life and improved performances.

How to enter recovery mode on Galaxy Note 4

Use the hardware buttons of your phablet

  1. As stated, for this method you need to use the hardware keys of your device – some practice might be required until you manage to enter recovery mode using this solution.
  2. Turn off your Galaxy Note 4 – you can do it by pressing and holding power key or by pressing power key and choosing “power off”.
  3. Now press and hold at the same time power, volume up and home buttons on your phablet.
  4. Keep pressing these keys until recovery mode is being displayed.
  5. Voila; that’s how you can reach recovery on Note 4 using hardware method.

Use a third party app from Google Play

  1. Go to Google Play right from your Galaxy Note 4.
  2. Search for the app dubbed as Quick Boot.
  3. Download the software on your phablet and wait while it is automatically installed.
  4. When done, slide down the notification panel and run Quick Boot.
  5. Select “Recovery” when prompted.
  6. That’s it.

How to use recovery mode menu on Samsung Galaxy Note 4

  1. Once in recovery mode you will see various options displayed – it will depend whether you are using a stock or custom recovery, or which custom recovery image you have installed on your Note 4.
  2. You can scroll up and down by using volume up and down buttons.
  3. You can select an option by pressing on power button.
  4. When ready, return to Android OS by selecting “reboot system now”.


So, that’s how you can enter and use recovery mode on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Remember that the guidelines from above represents a general guide that will work on both rooted and locked smartphones, on stock or custom recovery images and also for stock and custom ROMs. Everything is official, reaching recovery being featured by default on any Android smartphone or tablet.

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