How to Remove Galaxy S6 bloatware without Root

Is there anyone who likes bloatware? We had to ask it, just in case that someone is not annoyed by it, but the general answer is already known from the very beginning. In such conditions, if you are determined to remove
Samsung’s Galaxy S6 bloatware, here we are to tell you that this operation can be done even without root.

We know that Galaxy S6 comes with comparatively lesser bloatware apps than other devices from the current market or than the previous Samsung handsets from the same line (such as Galaxy S5), but we still have a huge problem to face.

On your SGS6 you can find various popular apps such as Facebook, Google Newsstand, Microsoft’s OneDrive, along with Google apps such as Books, Newsstand, Games or and Samsung’s own apps like calculator, S Health, S Voice and not only and we know that there are some people using them, while many others simply find them as being completely useless – so those are the bloatware apps.

Are you one of them as well? Then, we must tell you that it’s true that you can choose to disable most of these in built apps so that they no longer run and use your RAM resources, but we have an even better suggestion for you. Why not completely removing bloatware from your Samsung Galaxy S6?

You can do that by following the simple guide that we have prepared for you in order to remove the apps that you’ll never use, but don’t start dreaming! We want you know the fact that they would only free up space on the system partition and this is a place where you don’t have the possibility to actually install your own apps.

So yes, deleting all these apps doesn’t change the total amount of space used by that partition, but at least you won’t have to see them there all the time. This helps us being more organized, so we still find it as being an useful procedure. As for those of you who are still worried, let us tell you that here are no risks to take in consideration.

We can assure you from the start that removing bloatware apps from your Samsung Galaxy S6 is a simple process which doesn’t even need root access and has no other special requirements, so we find absolutely no reason for not taking advantage of it. Are you ready to start? This is all that you have to do:

How to Remove Galaxy S6 bloatware without Root:

  1. For the start, go to the app drawer and hold the Recent Apps button. This will initiate the launcher menu;
  2. It’s time to choose “Uninstall apps”;
  3. Keep in mind the fact that all the apps that can be uninstalled will have a minus sign at the top, so it is only up to you to delete just a few or all all the apps that you don’t want in your Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone.

This is how you can delete bloatware apps on Samsung Galaxy S6. Isn’t it really easy? Do you like your phone even better now? Let us know what you are thinking by using the comments area from below or the contact form.

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  1. TheRealKenG says:

    This is simplistic and really doesn’t work with many of the S6 apps.

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