Smartly Plan your Student life with Android Studious

There are many universities which have their own Android app these days and, if they do, it’s essential for you to have it on your Android device. You might find there important announcements, the timetable or information about your course, so make sure this is one of the first you download. However, let’s face the facts and admit that this is not enough!

How often do you find yourself in the situation of forgetting about the date and time of your test? Do you always know the deadline of your homework or the time of your next lecture? If you have no problem at these chapters, then this app is not for you, but if you are honest and admit the existence of such issues, Studious might help you.

All you need to do is to enter all information about your class, the precise time, professor, location, and so on and be sure of the fact that this simple application will remind you about it just in time! And the app can do much more than that as it has various features such as silencing your phone in class, reminding you when homework and tests are due, or saving important notes.

To avoid any confusion, let me be clear about the fact that Studious’s note feature will allow you to input any text you want, such as your building name and class room. And if you want so, you can even choose to create a note with a URL of your campus map; this will automatically be created into a link which you can simply click to open your browser and view the map.

Do you want to give a try to this app? Take Studious from here right away.

  • There are plenty of other apps that you can use:
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Do you already know some of these apps? Which of them helped you learn most efficiently and which ones were worthy of your interest?

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