Enjoy the Best Channel 4, E4 and More4 Shows with All 4

I know that I am not the only one looking for some entertainment. When I am tired after a long working day or bored waiting for a flight or a bus that gets late once again, movies are the best entertaining method that I can get. Do you think the same too? Join the club!

As you probably know, there are numerous applications that can provide movies for free or that have some have weekly/monthly subscription options. And even better, some of these apps also give you the chance to watch free streaming TV shows right from your Android phone or tablet.

This is a great way to catch up on your favorite shows when you’re on the go and I have already showed you how simpe is to Stream your Favorite TV Shows and Movies Online with VideoMix or how to Enjoy Thousands of TV programs and Movies with Android TV Portal. However, today I want to make you a new great suggestion.

The recently rebranded All 4 (formerly known as 4oD) is the one that I am talking about as long as it has everything that you are looking for. To be more precise, the app lets you enjoy the best Channel 4, E4 and More4 shows live or on demand, including 100s of free box sets, as well as many original online shows that you love. And as if all these weren’t enough, the app provides interesting experimental shows such as Black Mirror and Utopia, along with the Peep Show comedy that has a crazy success.

However, there is an issue that you should be aware of right from the start. If you are afraid of rooting or simply don’t find such a procedure necessary for your Android handset, then the app is definitely for you. Due to Channel 4’s agreements with programme owners, it seems that the app is not compatible with any of the rooted devices that you might use. At the same time, I am perfectly aware of the fact that this can be a huge problem for those who love to get the best out of their handsets and who simply cannot live without rooting.

Even more, I want to tell you that All 4 remembers and stores information about how you use it. Anyway, you should not worry about that as long as the info is safe and secure and will never include any sensitive details. It is used only by Channel 4 and its partners, so rest assured that your private life will remain this way.

And even though there are certain users who have been reporting inconsistent performance recently, the app has an amazing content and it’s totally free, so giving it a try won’t hurt you!

Take All 4 from here and don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with me regarding this app.

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