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I don’t know about you, but I find the rise of content curation tools and platforms as being more than welcomed. After all, there are way too many news feeds, emails, social networks, news and so on demanding too much time and attention and time is something that we tend to lack more than ever these days.

What to do about this problem? I have a few favourite news curation apps and here I want to tell you more about one that I have a strong feeling that you are going to love. I am talking about NewsBytes that promises to provide the context, and not just content to your news. And this will happen in an innovative way: I am talking about bullet points, images and various sources.

In fact, don’t you tell me that you have never heard of NewsBytes which curates the important stories of the day and shows them in amazing bullet points. Like other news apps, you can select from various categories of news and you get the timelines on the most important news events of the day. However, the difference comes from a super smart backend engine, a professional editorial team, so all you have to do is to open the Android app and read contextual news in no more than 7 minutes!

And the features that you can enjoy are the best: you can read headlines and byte sized most relevant news stories of the day and you don’t need me to tell you that it’s much easier thanks to all those images and bullet points, dig in further to read the whole contextual ConnectLine, bookmark certain stories you want to read at a later stage, select your favourite news categories and even share the new you like across the social networking platforms that you currently use.

And to be honest, this app reminds me of another awesome news app called Bullet News. This one offered news in bullet points just like NewsBytes. However, due to some reason Bullet News is no longer available in the Google play store, but NewsBytes gives me the same feeling that I am also efficiently informed in no time.

With these being said, don’t you want to Use NewsBytes on your Android handset as well? Take the app from here right away!

You can also choose other news apps among I can mention:

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