How to Enjoy Not Golf Game

While the world seems to be fascinated with the entire Pokémon Go craze at the moment, you should not forget that there are plenty of other games that you can check out if this game is not for you or while you’re in-between Pokémon hunts.

Not Golf is a game that looks and feels like a golf game, but don’t be fooled by appearances. Even its developer is clear about the fact that it’s not golf and even if it has some similarities, things are a little different. I have to admit the fact that the game is definitely inspired by golf and your main goal is none other than to hit the little golden circle with a ball in as few attempts as possible.

This might make you feel like playing golf, but the truth is that you’re not quite hitting a hole in the ground here, but a golden circle which is placed on a stick and this requires even more precision. So, you have to flick the ball like you would a slingshot, if you pull it back, it will go forward, and you have to choose the right angle to shoot. The idea is that the longer your pull is, the farther the actual ball will go.

With these being said, you see how the game functions this time: there are green fields, you have to shoot the ball and make it reach the goal, but this is not golf as long as it does not have a golf stick.

The Not Golf game has 9 courses, and within those courses there are 81 levels. However, more are about to be added, just as the developer had promised that more levels are coming soon. The controls are great and easy to handle and even if the game might seem simple at first, you will see that things will get even more complicated. The truth is that the levels are easy to beat, and in order to proceed to new courses, you’ll need to do excellent in every particular level, considering you need to keep your rating below a certain level.

As for the speedrun mode, you can only imagine that this will make you shoot really fast. The game also offers unlockable customizable themes and it is so fun, so why keep looking for another killing time game? The Not Golf one has it all, so grab it from here.

Don’t hesitate to enjoy this beautiful game. For any questions, feel free to comment below.

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