Polyforge – a Captivating Mobile Game for Android

Google’s Play Store is an amazing source of games, especially considering the fact that new titles are coming on a daily basis, so how to be informed all the time about what’s new and interesting? I bet that you need some help and you know that this is my role in here.

Polyforge is one of my favourite games of all and it could be the same for you too. I am saying that as long as this is a captivating mobile game with a simple, yet very challenging mechanic. Hit all sides of a spinning shape with an orbiting bullet to forge new shapes. This is your chance to compete in order to create the most amazing crystals in the world, so how not to love it?

You get plenty of rotating shapes and a shooter, so don’t hesitate to shoot every single side of these shapes. However, be careful about something: you cannot shoot the same side twice. The visuals and audio coincide brilliantly, and this could be an interesting game for anyone looking to relax or have some fun while commuting or staying at home.

And even the shapes are rendered in 3-D with their highlight and shadow detail, striking each side with the arrow causing the shape to end up with a pretty glow. As for that atmospheric and soothing soundtrack, it is simply delightful to listen to, so don’t hesitate to play this with your favorite earbuds or headphones.

So, this game seems to have it all: there are plenty of levels, stunning visuals, a serene sound design and a truly captivating gameplay. Why saying it no? Polyforge is a must have game, so you can choose to download it for free from the Google Play Store right away. Use this direct link to grab it and let me know if you like it.

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