Enjoy the Outstanding Driving Experience with GT Racing 2 Available Now on Android!

The new star of Gameloft, GT Racing 2 has finally arrived on Google Play and gives all Android gamers an outstanding driving experience, with multiple weather conditions, realistic physics and the long awaited driver`s eye camera that makes each race a real life challenge.

The game is free to download in your Play Store and can be run on Android 2.3 Gingerbread smartphones and even higher. Just make sure your smartphone has an internal storage bigger than 1 GB in order to successfully download it. And with some impressive graphics and other visual features, it will be a marvelous driving experience.

GT Racing 2 brings some important features such as 30 classic cars, whose manufacturers include the Big Three Americans manufacturers, Audi, Nissan, Ferrari, Mitsubishi and many more. Each week Gameloft will be able to update 28 challenges that can be played both in single-player, as long as in multiple-player.

GT Racing 2 Available on Android

GT Racing 2 Available on Android

Concerning the progression of the game, GT Racing 2 is quite similar as Asphalt 8: you start the races driving a low-end car, you gradually earn stars along the way, and then new events can be unlocked, and with the money won, you can purchase new racing cars, modify them or run updates. There is a multiple of choice that you can carry out when playing the game on your Android.

Concerning the costs, GT Racing 2 is a freemium game, meaning that with the stars and the cash won during the play, you will be able to spend it on cars or on other features. Looking on the bright side, though, you can use your spare time playing the game cost free. This way, you will focus better, work harder and drive flawless to gain your upgrades and buy the car you need next.

Just check with your Google Play and download it from there when you feel ready for a professional driving.

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