How to Use LG G5 Film Filters

If you’ve been waiting for LG’s newest smartphone to arrive, the wait is over for quite a while. LG’s gorgeous G5 is here in its full glory and so is its amazing camera. I had the opportunity to review both the G5 and G4 model, and while both handsets feel solid, look elegant, I have to tell you that this year’s version does much, much more in the camera department.

For example, in this guide I want to tell you something that many of you might not have noticed – LG added nine film filters to the G5’s camera, but I have to tell you from the start the fact that they can only be applied in advance. This might seem a little complicated for some of you who only get to know the device and that is why you will need to try them out from the start and learn what to expect from them.

Filters may be popular now because of their speedy application in mobile photography, but they’re basically derived from old school film types. LG’s filters are no exception as they are all from the Fuji archive, thus offering some artistic quality to an already stellar camera. Most are color filters, with varying degrees of saturation, but you can also find no less than three black-and-white ones, as well as a sepia tone.

Where can you find all these? Getting to them is a piece of cake as you must only tap the gear icon in the bottom left of the camera interface, tap the film strip in the adjoining menu and the list will appear in two columns. Now, you just have to choose one, and the live preview will reflect how the film looks, giving you an idea of how your photo will finally be too.

And don’t forget the fact that you can use the film filters in Manual mode with either lens, so you have some creative flexibility, just as you can enter here in order to learn How to Change LG G5 Photo and Video Resolution; How to Save LG G5 Images in RAW File Format via this guide; how to View Photos and Videos on your LG G5, to Use LG G5 Multi-view Camera Mode or the device’s video stabilisation and not only. We are currently working on LG G5 Camera guides, so you have to check on us later!

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