Cyanogen Inc. Possibly Teaming Up a with a New Hardware Partner?

Cyanogen Inc. is doing hard work to create and also to release their new piece of hardware, giving up their collaboration with Oppo; the new smartphone is believed to arrive with a powerful 2.5 GHz processor, which is set to be created with another hardware partner. This rumor has not been yet confirmed, but leaks suggest that the handset, which has been long praised, include the possibility of being shipped with another partner.

On Google+ page, Cyanogen Inc. announced this morning a teasing news, stating: “We’re not quite ready to lift the veils but we can confirm that we have a new hardware partner!” We will have to conclude that the smartphone will be made in a collaboration with a new partner, but not with a present OEM company that we have been so familiar up until now.

Who Is Cyanogen`s New Hardware Partner?

Who Is Cyanogen`s New Hardware Partner?

Other leaks might confirm that the phone will have a 2.5 GHz Snapdragon 800 MSM8974AC chipset, with a higher and a more powerful CPU clock speed. Regarding its size, that would be a normal one, in contrast with the Galaxy Note 3 or also the CM-sporting Oppo N1. This might affect the image of the Cyanogen Inc.`s status, as a lot of people seem not to be that excited about the device.

As our source also points out, the new hardware partner is also related to the resignation of Pete Lau, the ex- Vice President of Oppo, who has alluded the idea that he would actually leave Oppo to find a new hardware company to make the new Cyanogen smartphone.

Let`s hope that the rumors (leaked by our sources) will be unveiled soon enough; if not, perhaps we will have some new surprises waiting around the corner. For all of you anxiously waiting for its arrival, let`s hope that the new device from Cyanogen Inc. will come with a reliable hardware partner to satisfy all your demands.


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