HBO GO for Android Updated; Chromecast support added

The HBO Go Android was updated back in October, and it brought a couple of bug fixes and improvements as well as support for Android 4.3. However, back then, many users were actually disappointed by the lack of Chromecast support. Now, HBO Go was once again updated and now, the application has Chromecast support as mentioned in the changelog. In fact, the update was referring to the Chromecast support only. This was the only thing that has changed within the HTC application.

Now, HBO subscribers will have the possibility to use the updated application on their tablet and smartphone to watch on a television having the Chromecast support. As expected, this will also include various famous movies and TV series such as “Game of Thrones”, “Boardwalk Empire” and “Girls”.

It is worth mentioning that along with HBO Go update, the Chromecast support is available on Netflix, Hulu Plus and YouTube, as well as Pandora. Having all these said, it appears that almost all important streaming services are now covered, but it will not hurt to see some others as well offering Chromecast support.

HBO GO for Android Updated

HBO GO for Android Updated

As another important feature besides having the possibility to use the application on Android smartphones or tablets, subscribers will also be able to send video using HBO Go website running in Chrome, the browser, or other full-on Chromebook.

Chromecast is a $35 HDMI dongle that provides content being played on a tablet, smartphone or computer. The mirrored content is not transmitted from a local device, but it is streamed from cloud direct to the dongle when users activate mirroring on a Chromecast-compatible service such as YouTube or Netflix. In this way, the device will be available for multi-tasking as well as for working as a Wi-Fi based remote control for the content on a bigger display.

When it was first launched, people were a little bit skeptical, mostly because of its low price point compared to other streaming services or platforms. Those who dared to buy a subscription back then are now pleased to announce that they did not waste their money. Now, with the Chromecast support, HBO Go promised increased functionality and utility.

For those who are interested in getting the latest updated HBO Go, the app is available in Google Play. Once the application is installed, the Chromecast icon will appear at the top of the app, next to the settings button.

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